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In July 1954 Swami Jayramdas was born as Gil at the banks of the River Rhone in the South of France.

He has spent his childhood and youth in the village Etoile and in the capital Paris, later in Chateaudun (Beauce) and finally in Perigueux in the southwest of France, where his family settled down in the middle of the 60ies.

It was there, where he has passed the middle and higher school. At the end of his youth he came more and more to the conviction that he can not find his place in the society he has used to live. He has started to feel an inner call to leave his universe, his family his friends. His thoughts, his dreams and his visions brought him to the orient, which has started to fascinate him.

With the age of 19, in December 1973 he has left his home to find his spiritual teacher (Guru).

First he went over Spain to Africa. Stations of his journey were Maroc, Tunisia, Egypt, where he has seen the wonders of the antique civilisations.

But this was not his final destiny. He continued his journey to Nairobi, Kenia to Mombasa in Sudan. It was in Sudan where he had the first contact with India. The Indian community of the town had welcomed him and has treated him as one them. He has stayed there for a few months and learned in a temple the first basic rituals, which should get an integral part of his live: meditation and japa (recitation of mantras).

At the end he took a boat to his final destiny: India. After reaching Bombay (Mumbai) he has started the search for his spiritual teacher.

After many trials, he found him in Rishikesh, at the feet of the Himalayas. It was Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji. He should get his beloved Guru:


« The saint was sitting on a small bamboo chair. In his proximity I could sense an unusual aura of peace, love and light. We have approached him through the garden and bowed down in front of him. He asked us to sit down next to him and for the reason of our visit. This was the first, true Darshan in my live, it made an end to my long journey and my repeated trials to find a Guru. Six months have passed from my departure from France. »


In the following months an intensive spiritual training has started with a first initiation. Guruji gave him a mantra and a new name: Jayramdas (Glory and Servant of Ram).

Somte time later he has prepared himself to leave Rishikesh, Guruju gave Jayramdas the order to continue his sadhna in Guruji's Asharm in the north of Gujarat, in Bandhvad. This is in the dessert of Banaskantha. There he has spent the following 4 years, sometimes together with his Guru.

In 1975 at the end of the ceremony of Purnima, Guruji gave him the holy cord, a sign, that he is a member of the Brahman cast. (this is the highest Indian cast, one of two who is permitted to teach the scriptures): « At the day of Guru Purnima Guruji gave order to the brahamans to conduct certain rites at the banks of the river Sabarmati. They have covered my body with cow dung , they have painted a big Svastika on my forehead, while they have recited some mantras. When the ceremony was finished, they brought me to Guruji, who put the holy cord around my shoulder and gave me the Gayatri Mantra..../... at the end of the ceremony, he announced to all his disciples that he has made me to a Brahaman. »

After a call of his American disciples Guruji left at the 2nd September 1976 for the USA.

Jayramdas stayed alone in Bandhvad to practice his Sadhna.

Two years later, in August 1978, Guruji gave him order to return to France or alternatively to England to spread the teachings of his master and to prepare for a journey of his master to Europe.

Jayramdas went back to India in October 1982, for a few months he stayed alone. In the following months he could meet again his Guruji after 6 long years of separation.

January 1983 he returned back to Europe and has started a Dhyanyoga centre in the southwest of France. It was active for the following three years.

His big return to India happened in may 1990. Since this time he is living in India permanently. He travelled to many Indian cities and has met a remarkable number of saints and swamis.

In August he started to the banks of the river Narmada, which attracted him an unresistably. « The daylight is fantastic; which joy to swim in the holy river. This was my first Darshan with this goddess, which accompanied me during a transformation which happened in the next months and has changed my live again. » 

He settled down at the banks of the holy river, the diety Narmadeshvarî, in the village Karnali.

Gurjui has left his body in 1994. 

Jayramdas has received a second initiation, it is in the Tantric Sadhna of Shri Vidhya. He continued his askese in Karnali until 1998, when he moved further to Nikora. A few kilometer distant from Karnali, in the neighbourhood of the district capital Bharuch, Gujarat.

With the help of some donations he could construct a small Ashram (Shri Mata Nilayam (translated: The Home of the Holy Mother)), which is able to give shelter for true seekers.

In 2008 he has spent the summer months in France and England.

« extract of the spiritual diary of Swami Jayramdas. »